Your New Favorite Game: “Flag Slap”

Adrian Todd Zuniga
3 min readFeb 25, 2022

A few years ago, my Australian fiancée and I were in Los Angeles when she suddenly slapped the shit out of my shoulder and shouted, “Flag slap!”

I looked at her like stunned while she laughed, pointing at an American flag that waved atop a pole. And “Flag Slap” was born.

Ever since that fateful day, Flag Slap — the greatest game invented since baseball—has become a fixture in our relationship, both at home and abroad. I encourage every single one of you to play it with the people you love.

The rules are simple:

  1. When you see the national flag of the country you’re in, slap your opponent’s shoulder (not too hard! come on) and shout, “Flag slap!” It counts for one point.
  2. If you “flag slap” your opponent, only to realize the thing you saw was NOT a flag but a discarded hot dog wrapper, you lose two points (though you can’t go lower than zero — meaning if you have one point, and mess up, you don’t go to minus-1).

3. First to ten points wins.

4. Once someone reaches ten points for the day, the game is over until the next morning (don’t try to flag slap someone at…



Adrian Todd Zuniga

is an award-nominated author (Collision Theory), award-winning director/screenwriter (HOLD ME, DON'T TOUCH ME) and the creator and host of Literary Death Match.