Why They Believe in the Deep State

5 Reasons Why People We Know Have Become True-Believers

Adrian Todd Zuniga


No. It’s really not.

The unfunny truth: we all have family, friends and neighbors who believe in the Deep State. People furious that ignorant “sheeple” like us stand by while dark forces consume our government, and our way of life.

It’s hard to witness this drift into Orwellian fantasyland where every cogent argument we make is used as further proof that we’re not paying attention. We are not connecting the dots.

They weren’t like this four years ago. Here are five reasons why they’re like this, now:

1. They’re Bored.

Living in a free society is such a slog. What to do with all the hours in a day? TO THE INTERNET! YouTube for a jolt of ever-evolving, ever-stupider conspiracy theories. Facebook for an “own the libs” fix. 8Chan for the latest, misspelled Deep State fan fiction. Each of these brings a dopamine crackle to their brain, and they are bored no more. Misinformed, yes. Part of the problem, for sure. Ignoring fact-checks and spreading propaganda to undermine the safety and sanctity of our nation, absolutely! But not bored. Energized. Having a ball, in fact!

2. They’re Lazy.

It takes effort to understand how our government works from the top down. But who really knows what the State Department does? What the military really spends our tax-payer dollars on? What really goes on at the EPA or FDA? Umm, we, the people do? If we choose to.

But all that learning is a real yawn. About as much pizazz as a 1998 high-school social-studies textbook. Hard pass! Instead, they spend their best hours attacking our institutions without understanding them. Because, it’s easier. Because they…love…America?

Umm. Okay?

3. They’re Powerless.

Their job prospects are limited; their house value is depreciating; their healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Someone did this to them! And who better to blame then the Deep State — the ultimate, shape-shifting bogeyman?

Important questions to ask, which will win eye-rolls and sighs: who did they vote for? What policies and legislation have their preferred…



Adrian Todd Zuniga

is an award-nominated author (Collision Theory), award-winning director/screenwriter (HOLD ME, DON'T TOUCH ME) and the creator and host of Literary Death Match.